NYT Covers VC returns to Science Start-ups; Ignores Life-Sci

The NYT ran a cover story today that posited that VC’s are ‘returning’ to science-based start-up’s, but there was nearly no mention of life-science or biotech companies. Regardless, it was nice to see a headline about venture that didn’t include the words ‘tech’ or ‘social.’ Truthfully, VC’s never stopped investing in science-based start-up’s in the biotech/life-sci space, albeit they have had a smaller appetite of late.

The one stat that hit home was 2014 investment in biotech rose 26% to $2.93B, which is great, but that tech attracted $11.2B. Ultimately, this shows there is a growing interest in the space, which should be encouraging. Link to article below:

Venture Capitalists Return to Backing Science Start-Ups

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